AI-Powered Digital Workforce Solution

Animate is an industry disruptor. Founded by cyber training experts, Animate provides an AI-powered, model-driven solution to enhance all realms of cyber testing, workforce development, and cybersecurity modernization.

Animate Cyber

Animate has roots that stretch back to the infancy of cyber. Researched at a national laboratory, tried-by-fire with over a decade of verifiable past performance in the DoD and the Financial Services cyber workforce development markets, Animate is the culmination of over 20 years of research, development, testing and successful integration into cyber training environments.

Animate is currently the only Next-Generation Traffic Generator and Digital Workforce solution on the market. Through this platform, virtual environments and training scenarios are realistic, repeatable and scalable.

  • Model-Driven Solution
  • Flexible, AI-Enabled Open Architecture
  • Simplified GUI
  • Swappable Components
  • Scalable, AI-Powered Ecosystem
  • Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, On-Prem
  • Mission Agnostic | Hypervisor Agnostic
  • Application Across Industries
  • API-Driven

Ease of Use

Model-driven, platform agnostic approach leveraging AI algorithms that allow missions to be rapidly delivered with smart, adaptive features. Operationally realistic scenarios utilizing intuitive AI-backed contextual wizards and embedded teaching tools. No coding required.

Extension of Use

Acts as a global orchestrator to enhance cyber testing and training capabilities for vendor and large integrators. Breaks down silos between disparate tools to create AI-powered tool ecosystems within a true cyber suite.

Pattern of Life

With its Digital Twin technology traffic implemented as behaviors, Animate allows for operationally realistic scenarios to be realized within minutes. AI-driven actors emulate human behavior and enable digital forensics making the transition to a digital workforce smooth and intuitively intelligent.

Key Clients

Keysight Technologies

Use Cases

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Animate offers an intelligent, proactive approach to cybersecurity modernization and workforce readiness through the orchestration of existing tools, a digital workforce, and a combination of high-and low-fidelity traffic generation.

Through this platform, virtual environments and training scenarios are realistic, repeatable and scalable.

  • Cybersecurity Modernization & Testing
  • Training & Workforce Development
  • Red/Blue Team Exercises
  • Environment Enlivenment
  • 5G Testing Capability

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