Animate Cyber Announces Strategic Partnership with Keysight Technologies

Collaboration enables Keysight to integrate its products through Animate’s single, model-driven GUI and enhance cybersecurity training and testing. 

FREDERICKSBURG, Va., Jan. 18, 2024 – Animate Cyber (Animate), an emerging leader in cybersecurity integration and training solutions, announced today its strategic partnership with Keysight Technologies (Keysight). The collaboration will leverage Animate’s orchestration capabilities to enable Keysight customers to control multiple Keysight products, which previously operated through disparate systems, now via a single Animate interface. This will offer users a more seamless experience, strengthen the effectiveness of cyber training and testing environments, and introduce an integrated approach to cyber readiness.

Animate is currently the only Next-Generation Traffic Generator and Digital Workforce Solution on the market with these capabilities. It is designed from the ground up to facilitate an AI-powered ecosystem and break down the silo between existing traffic generation tools, inclusive of COTs, GOTs, and/or open-source. Its centralized, model-driven, platform agnostic approach enables vendor and large integrator customers, like Keysight, to transform disparate tool sets into a true cyber suite and adopt pattern of life behavior. 

“We are excited to expand our Keysight relationship and begin this enhanced collaboration in 2024. Keysight delivers innovative solutions for cyber testing and training, and together we can further advance the cybersecurity testing, training and workforce development domains,” said Chad Hughes, Founder and CEO of Animate Cyber. 

In addition to creating a more integrated and user-friendly experience, end-users of Keysight products will now also have the benefit of participating in more realistic and complex environments that emulate human behavior, enable digital forensics, and enliven environments. The partnership will also facilitate the development of new cybersecurity tools that push the bounds of cybersecurity technology to keep pace with emerging threats. 

Animate Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer Ernest McCaleb said, “The digital landscape continues to rapidly evolve, and cyber threats are advancing with it. We are focused on addressing the challenge and proud to partner with a force like Keysight to fortify our efforts.”

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