Animate Capabilities

Animate offers an intelligent, proactive approach to cybersecurity modernization and workforce readiness. Through this platform, virtual environments and training scenarios are realistic, repeatable and scalable.



Designed from the ground up to facilitate an AI-powered ecosystem and break down the silo between existing traffic generation tools, inclusive of COTs, GOTs and/or open-source.


Utilizes drag and drop capabilities. Deploys on Day 1 with AI-backed contextual wizards and embedded teaching tools. No coding required.

Human Behavior

Emulates human behavior through AI-driven actors. Allows for cyber workforce training within an operationally realistic and safe environment. Exhibits patterns of life over a configurable timeline.

Platform Independence

A cloud-native application that installs on any cloud, hybrid or on-prem environment. Allows for unique approaches to validate capabilities and provides custom training. 

AI-Enabled Open Architecture

Features loose coupling with tight cohesion. Fits within a CI/CD pipeline and integrates into existing dashboards.

Immediate Capability

Installs quickly and immediately integrates capabilities with existing Learning Management Systems via API. Decreases time to mission.

Design, Build, and Deploy Within Hours

Animate uses an AI-powered, model-driven, platform agnostic approach that allows missions to be delivered in hours, rather than days or weeks. Users can design and build operationally realistic scenarios in a safe environment utilizing an intelligent step-by-step wizard. Its drag-and-drop capabilities eliminate the need for specialized subject-matter-experts and training on individual, disparate products, allowing users to deploy on Day 1.

  • No coding required
  • Enhance speed to mission
  • Ease of use and adoption
  • Centralized, model-driven GUI
  • Embedded teaching tools
  • AI-backed contextual wizards
  • Reduce specialized labor costs and requirements
  • Decrease knowledge transfer requirements

Transform Disparate Tool Sets Into a True Cyber Suite

Animate acts as a global orchestrator, uniquely enhancing cyber testing and training capabilities for vendor and large integrator customers. It is the only solution on the market with a Digital Workforce and high-fidelity, high-volume traffic generation that can integrate with existing tools.

Through its AI-enabled open architecture, Animate provides modularized capabilities to couple with third-party applications so that new products and services can adopt a pattern of life behavior.

  • Provides a true cyber platform
  • Microservice driven
  • Incorporates new capabilities without disruption
  • Breaks down the silos between disparate tools
  • Creates AI-powered tool ecosystems
  • Fits into a CI/CD pipeline
  • Integrates within dashboards

Animate Your Environment to Behave Like Humans

Animate generates AI-driven, realistic conditions for training scenarios and new technology testing. Users experience the practical application of learned concepts in a safe environment while also determining how new technologies perform under load and what development is still required. This “pattern of life” behavior allows for true operationally realistic scenarios to be realized within minutes. This Digital Workforce can be applied by integrators and other organizations to model their environments for internal tool validation, cyber exercises and load testing.

Animate also addresses the need for realistic, repeatable and scalable cyber testing and training exercises, a vital factor in the global cyber workforce readiness shortage. This capability aligns to DoD and other Federal agency cyber workforce development requirements and associated budgets.

  • Emulates human behavior
  • Enables digital forensics
  • Animates environments
  • Realistic and safe testing and training scenarios
  • Enhances workforce utilization
  • Repeatable, unique events
  • Programmable AI-driven actors and group behaviors
  • Customizable and scalable
  • Configurable timelines

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